Are you Eating Well at Work?

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Today, work has dominated most of our waking hours, leaving little time for other aspects of our life. Busy professionals and people who are confined to 9-5 jobs can identify with the difficulty of obliging to healthy eating habits. Maintaining a nutritious diet is difficult between pastry laden meetings and happy hour treats. While skipping meals seems the right thing when at work, it can hamper productivity and invite several health problems. We need necessary nutrients to fuel our body and mind. Here are a few ways that tell you how to eat healthy at work.

Breakfast is vital

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, you may skip it due to an early morning meeting, you’re late for work or you have a busy day ahead. Breakfast fuels our body to keep us going through the day, therefore you must never skip your breakfast. While making breakfast at home is the best option, you can consider having it on the go. But make sure it is rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber and other nutrients necessary to energize our body. Fruits, fresh fruit juices or smoothies, oats in different forms, eggs, or dried fruits, etc are a few options for breakfast.

Stock up on healthy snacks

Ditch the 4 ‘o’ clock vending machine, empty your candy bowl, and dump the chips packet. We often binge on unhealthy snacks in between or during work. If you want to improve your productivity and overall health, then it is time to stock up on healthy snacks. Invest in snack size boxes of nuts. You can also consider stocking up low-fat yogurt if you have a mini fridge, or carry fresh fruits with you each day.

Smart eating

Busy work-goers often tend to avoid eating in between meals, which results in overeating during mealtime. A healthy lifestyle includes having around 5 portions a day. Plan ahead on how you would schedule your meals. Waiting until lunch time will lead to overeating and increase of calorie intake. Be mindful of your portions and indulge in small portions at regular intervals. It is equally essential to stay hydrated. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go or consider keeping on at your office desk.

Eat a nutritious lunch

Because of busy mornings and work demands, most working professionals do not carry lunch. This often results in eating unhealthy food. It is best to prepare and get your lunch along. You can tweak your schedule to invest time in packing lunch and other meals. Use weekends to your advantages. Prepare a shopping list and schedule grocery shopping. Pick up veggies, fruit, protein rich food and other healthy items. Keep changing your grocery list every week to avoid getting bored eating the same things. If you plan on eating outside make sure you control your craving for tempting junk and sweets by choosing healthier options.

Eat away from your desk

Multitasking during meals has a negative impact on your health. Distractedly munching on your lunch while working on a project can result in overeating. Many times, work is given priority over food. Work is forever present, so however busy you are, take time off when you have your lunch. You can consider moving away from your desk. This also has an added advantage of stretching your muscles and increasing your blood circulation.

What you eat affects your immune system, your strength and your quality of life. You shouldn’t let work take a toll on your health. Bringing home cooked food is the best option for nutritional balance. But sometimes, it gets tough and you may find it difficult to stay healthy. You can consider consulting a health care professional to help you with ways to eat healthy at work and improve your lifestyle.


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