Women’s Health

Women's HealthRAiN MedClinic is a comprehensive and modern health care clinic that focuses on the needs of women of today and all women’s health issues. We focus on providing our female clientele better quality services that help them lead a healthier and happier life.

Our holistic approach to medical care aims to educate women on the different preventive and curative treatments that they can use to have a more independent and fulfilling life. RAiN MedClinic’s staff of experienced doctors are always eager to help and assist you in booking an appointment that suits your busy schedule.

Some of our services include:

Women’s Health Check-ups

There is no substitute for regular health check-ups. They let you take charge of your health by making you aware of the status of your body and the ailments you suffer from. Check-ups also help you catch diseases early-on, making their treatment easier and more effective.

Although regular examinations are recommended for each member of the family, for women they are of vital importance. A woman’s body goes through multiple hormonal changes and their medicals require some special tests and screenings.

Our doctors at RAiN MedClinic, ensure you have a comprehensive check-up, including different tests such as a methodical pelvic and breast exam, a mammographic test as well as a test for HPV (Human papillomaviruses). These examinations check the status of your female reproductive organs and catch any anomalies early on.

Pap Smear Test

The Pap smear test is a vital test for women’s health. The opening of a woman’s uterus is called a cervix. A Pap smear is a test for the cancer of the cervix. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1 in 152 women are expected to develop cervical cancer during their lifetime.

For a Pap smear test, cells from the cervix are collected and examined under a microscope to check for any presence or growth of cancerous cells. The presence of HPV cells is the leading cause of cervical cancer. If any presence is detected, your doctor can initiate a treatment immediately and combat the disease early on.

Pregnancy Test

Confirming your pregnancy can be a stressful experience. Especially, because home pregnancy tests are not a 100% accurate and a false positive or negative could disrupt your life plans radically.

After confirming your condition with a home pregnancy kit, you should book an appointment with our gynecologist as soon as possible. The Ob-Gyn will confirm your status with a blood and pelvic examination and also provide you with options to take care of yourself in the best possible way.

Pre-Natal Assessment

A pre-natal visit should be booked as soon as you confirm your pregnancy. The earlier you visit your doctor, the sooner measures can be taken to ensure a healthy mother and baby.

Your first pre-natal assessment usually takes place at about 8 weeks into your pregnancy. Our doctors perform a thorough examination of your physical condition including checking your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and height. The doctor might also provide an ultrasound depending on the week of the pregnancy. Other tests such as a pelvic examination, a Pap smear test, tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia may also be recommended to ensure your safety.

Pre-natal blood tests include tests for your blood type and Rh factor (if the Rh factor of the mother is negative and the father is positive, the pregnancy may require special care), your hemoglobin levels and for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.

Your pre-natal visit is also an optimal time for you to consult your doctor about the genetic factors of your family line. We may suggest tests for you beforehand to ensure your baby’s health and welfare accordingly.

Give our office a call and book an appointment if you have any questions or concerns about women’s health and how to treat certain conditions.

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Need a Family Doctor? We’re Accepting New Patients.

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